Bitcoin Cash Node 101

Bitcoin Cash Node

This document is designed specifically for developers; and it will be presumed that you will be running on "some" flavor if Linux when operating BCHN (either in production or for testing purposes).

Cloud VPSs are quite inexpensive these days. Please see the Appendix below for recommendations on several crypto-friendly VPS providers.

Building a BCH Node

It is always recommended to build from source. This guide will "hopefully" take some of that pain away.


Debian 10 is currently the recommended OS for building BCHN.

However, these instructions can be easily modified for Debian 8+; as well as other popular distributions:

  • [ ✓ ] Debian 8+
  • [ 𐄂 ] Ubuntu 16.04+
  • [ 𐄂 ] RedHat / Fedora / CentOS

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